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A 28-year-old Camacho chosen the mayor of Sheffield

Czech readers were rather amazed by the city hall of Sheffield, an English metropolitan area with more than 1.5 million people., a news server, says: "Extravagance and obscenities. The new mayor of Sheffield is a 28-year-old immigrant from Somalia."

The representatives' choice was... Magid Magid (his YouTube channel says Magic Magic, however), a 28-year-old Somalian Muslim.

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Strong cosmic censorship is dead

Some shaky new lore waits to be analogously invalidated in the future

Albert Einstein has done most of the work to build the general theory of relativity in the first place. David Hilbert competed and tried to scoop Einstein. Some folks have used the new classical theory to discuss black hole solutions – Schwarzschild, Kerr, Newman, and men like that. Others – Lemaitre, Friedmann, Robertson, Walker – have derived the big bang theory from that, and so on.

But a truly new era is associated with the name of Roger Penrose who began to play with some fancy modern aspects of Einstein's equations. Penrose brought the 1960s to general relativity. That decade means some new wind – but indeed, you may have mixed feelings about that new wind, indeed. Lots of people have good reasons to say that the human civilization peaked in that decade.

Penrose has always viewed Einstein's equations as a religion of a sort and his beliefs about the unknown aspects were always religiously shaped to some extent. One novelty of GR that everyone was aware of was the appearance of qualitatively new features of the – now dynamical – spacetime. Suddenly, horizons and singularities have emerged (as well as non-contractible loops and other novelties).

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Justin Trudeau vs respect for the truth

Justin Trudeau recently gave a commencement speech at the New York University (NYU).

Anthony Watts unsurprisingly emphasized Trudeau's comments around 24:10 in the full video above where the Canadian prime minister mentions two apparently equivalent things that can't be defended – female genital mutilation and climate skepticism (which is of course described by the verb "deny").

But I found a much larger portion of the speech sort of shocking. The Canadian prime minister may be an extreme example but he is not too extreme. He may also be considered a rather typical textbook example of the moral degeneration of the Western societies.

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Deceitful hype about drought

Two weeks ago, I discussed the unusually thick layers of pollen on cars due to the relative shortage of precipitation in my homeland.

The optimum (middle-of-the-road), green areas receive about 50 mm of precipitation a month

Yesterday, most of Czechia saw intense rain and in Moravia, today is predicted to cover about 50% of the average precipitation for the whole month of May. (The figure 50% is changing rather wildly.) It's been modestly raining for a week and at least additional 4 days are predicted.

In Czechia, January 2018 had precipitation near the average, the following 3 months were visibly below the normal. Let's discuss Pilsen. It has 600 mm of precipitation per year i.e. 50 mm per month – all seasons are comparable although the harsh winter may reduce the precipitation rates.

During the first four months of 2018, we were expected over 150 mm of rain, but we only got over 100 mm i.e. 30% less. Is that extreme?

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Kaggle: reconstruct tracks from 75 GB of point data

Fartel Engelbert has told me that there is a new CERN-sponsored machine learning contest at

TrackML Particle Tracking Challenge
To make the story short, the data you will have to download include 5 times 15 GB train files plus 1 GB train sample and 1 GB test file. A sample submission has 30 MB, have 175 kB.

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Successful Hungarian pest control: Soros' OSF moves to Berlin

George Soros spent his formative years as a traitor who helped the Nazis to confiscate the assets of his fellow Jews.

At some moment, he made a successful bet against the British pound. This helped that currency to weaken outside a promised window and Soros became very rich. Because he was both filthy rich and richly filthy, he established the Open Society Foundation and tons of NGOs where corrupt and deluded individuals do their best to cripple the Western civilization.

After the fall of communism, he tried to spread his new extreme, billionaire-driven left-wing dogmas to the post-communist Europe. These days, almost all of us understand that Soros represents evil, intolerance, and the corruption of the democratic societies' vital processes but his brand was less comprehensible some decades ago.

PhotoMath: it really solves hand-written equations

In an episode of The Big Bang Theory, Leonard, Howard, and Rajesh were designing an app (the Lenwoloppali differential equation scanner) that scans a hand-written (differential) equation and solves it, including detailed steps how to do it without your phone. If I remember well, the domineering Sheldon was removed from the team but he created a great app to find shops with scanned shoes with Penny.

I just saw some hype, downloaded the three boys' app (iOS here), and impressively enough, it just works.

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E.C. George Sudarshan: 1931-2018

Ennackal Chandy George Sudarshan passed away today. He was a top Indian theoretical physicist. Most recently, he was a colleague of Steven Weinberg, Jacques Distler, and others at UT Austin.

See Google News for reports about his life, work, and death.

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An interview with a wise Assad

In late 2015, Syrian president Bashar Assad was interviewed by the Czech public TV. Already before I had watched it, I didn't take the anti-Assad hysteria in the Western media seriously. But he has exceeded my expectations. I could have called him a wise man and I would have considered him if he were running as an option in some elections where I could vote.

Full transcript

Now, three days ago, a Greek "relatively right-wing" daily Kathimerini has published this 10-minute-long interview with Assad. It's just a demo, the full interview was longer.

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Feynman 100: some links

Yesterday, we remembered the 100th anniversary of Richard Feynman's birth. Due to his numerous influences on science and myself, I found this topic too big to grasp.

Instead, let me be a linker-not-a-thinker this time. Lots of people have created some material for the occasion.

A timelapsed genesis of a tribute to Feynman drawn by a Slovak artist, Ms Daniela Lieskovská.

First, here is an ordered Google search of Feynman articles on this blog – and an anti-chronological one. About 500 articles on this website contain his surname.

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A citation is more than a "like"

And it's worth hundreds of dollars

Exactly one year ago, 19,000 people gathered at the Wenceslaus Square in Prague and demanded the resignation of Andrej Babiš, then Czechia's finance minister and now the prime minister without confidence, who had just been shown to have committed several immoral and illegal acts.

Babiš responded by saying that it was a ludicrously small group. After all, he had just posted a self-congratulatory text on Facebook (well, his PR guy Mr Marek Prchal did it for him because Babiš himself doesn't even know how to touch or caress a computer) and he obtained the same (?) number of 15,000 "likes" from his fans!

This response became one of the often quoted examples of his arrogance and detachment from reality. To "like" his text takes less than a second – a single click – while you have to reserve several hours (and maybe pay for the transportation etc.) to attend a rally. Only a lunatic or a hardcore demagogue could claim that these two expressions of sympathy are "equivalent" (Babiš is both, especially the latter).

Marx's BF Juncker wants the EU to replace the U.S.

He should reduce his consumption of ethanol

Cornell theses: Cornell University has adopted a new essential part of every thesis defense, a strip tease. An advantage of this setup pioneered by Letitia Chai is that the speaker can't be criticized for the length of sleeves of his suit, as I recently was. ;-) Well, Chai has previously had a similar clash about fashion preferences with her Prof Rebekkah Maggor (the surname means a moron in Czech).
As Mr Pánek wrote in the MF DNES daily (and The Invisible Dog), Jean-Claude Juncker is a classic Soviet apparatchik.

Aside from praising Karl Marx, the mastermind of the murders of some 100 million people, not to mention economic catastrophes in a third of the world (and this support is unsurprising, Pánek argues, because the EU is a giant cesspool created out of hardcore Bolsheviks as he shows using a dozen of examples – this kind of experience must clearly be viewed as an advantage within the EU), he likes special agreements with big companies, he places his friends to important chairs, he loves to kiss other politicians passionately, and he is a drunkard. Pánek apparently wanted to point out that Juncker is a clone of Soviet dictator Brezhnev.

At any rate, Juncker drank too much last night. He's got bills to pay, his head just feels in pain. He missed the bus and there'll be hell today. He didn't like Donald Trump's departure from the Iran deal, so this "EU leader" declared that that
the U.S. will no longer be the superpower.
Instead, the European Union will become the main world leader.

He really shouldn't drink this much.

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Chronological sins in the bulk

A week ago, I discussed an Indian paper criticizing the fuzzballs but I neglected a very interesting yet much shorter, 5-page-long paper

On the interior geometry of a typical black hole microstate
by de Boer, van Breukelen, Lokhande, K. Papadodimas, and Erik Verlinde. I've had some interesting exchanges with Kyriakos.

What they do is to try the counterpart of Gao-Jafferis-Wall – but in the case of one CFT only. Two years ago, Gao-Jafferis-Wall considered an AdS-based BTZ black hole with two sides, two identical CFTs sit on the boundary, and they deform their Hamiltonian by a "coupled" double-trace operator which makes the wormhole traversable.